Training Run – July 7th!!
Wild Idaho training weekend:  July 7th, many entrants will be training out on the course.  Feel free to come and camp out at Boiling Springs (the dispersed campground is free, and is where we will be).  There will be lots of company to make the miles fly by, so come on out if you have the time!

Ok, so you want to survive the race or even possibly feel good during the whole thing? Well then, you’ve come to the right spot. Listed are links to my blog and training plans. You will want to look at my month of May, as I was prepping to do battle with another giant, the Pocatello 50 (complete with frostbite this year!).

You can access my blog here.

My workout log here!

Training Plans:
50M Training Plan
50k Training Plan

Basically, you will want to top out at 60 miles a week if you are doing the 50 miler, and 30-40 if you are doing the 50K. If you want any more information, email me.