Race Start Times

  • 50 Mile: 6:00 AM
  • 50K: 8:00 AM
  • 16 Mile: 8:30 AM


Registration will open early 2015. Please check the Register page for pricing.

Headquarters & Camping Layout

Wild Idaho Staging Grounds – Where to camp, park, and check in. You turn across the bridge to the disbursed camping area BEFORE you get to the fee camping area.


Camping will be available at Boiling Springs campground (the start/finish of the race). As we are using the free, dispersed camping area that is non-reservable, there is no way to reserve yourself a spot other than arriving earlier in the week than Friday night. There are also eight sites available in the established fee-based Boiling Springs Campground, and if you want to stay there, you will have to coordinate that on your own. They do not take reservations. Carpooling from Boise or Crouch is strongly advised, as parking is limited. It is also advisable that you try to coordinate the sharing of camp sites with some of your buddies so that everyone can have a spot to sleep. Use the Facebook Group to hook up with ride or camp site sharing. Contact the Race Director for more information.

Weather and Conditions

Weather in this section of the mountains can be unpredictable. We anticipated good weather last summer, but it got warm on race day, slowing many runners down considerably. Your best bet is to have a little bit of heat training and watch the forecast for Crouch, ID the closer to the race we get. Afternoon thundershowers are a possibility, and it could get downright cool at night.

Aid Stations

All aid stations will be stocked with water, Heed, Coca-Cola, and other beverages of the RD’s choice. You pay good money for this race, so we’ll make sure you have plenty of yummy morsels to munch on while killing yourself in the process (why DID you sign up for this crazy event?).  Our main food staples will be watermelon, cantaloupe, bananas, salty chips, potatoes, gummi bears, oreo cookies, potato soup, pickles, grilled cheese sandwiches, broth. Hammer Nutrition products will be our hydration supplements. We don’t want anybody DNFing due to an unhappy stomach.

The Silver Creek Saddle Aid Station will have a Porta Potty!!


50 mile runners will have the following cutoffs:

  • Mile 23.4: 1:00 pm at Boiling Springs
  • Mile 38: 7:00 PM cutoff at East Mountain Lookout
  • Mile 45: 8:45 PM at Skunk Creek Summit
  • Finish line cutoff: 18 hours (midnight)

50k runners will have the following cutoffs:

  • Mile 25.1: 8:45 PM at Skunk Creek Summit
  • Finish Line Cutoff: 16 hours (midnight)

Drop Bags

Drop Bags should be dropped off at the packet pick-up from 10 AM-5 PM on Friday or at the pre-race briefing at 6:45 PM on Friday.  If you cannot drop your bag off Friday, then please contact the RD. Drop bag locations are: Boiling Springs, Silver Creek Saddle, and Skunk Creek Summit.  If you are going to have a drop bag at Silver Creek Saddle, you must drop it off on Friday at the pre-race briefing.

If you want to have a drop bag at East Mountain Lookout, we’ll take it there, but you need to pack it out with you or plan on not getting it back. Any bags taken to East Mountain will NOT be returned to the finish line – we will be disposing of them.

If you plan on potentially finishing after 8:30 pm, you should have a headlamp with you or in your Skunk Creek Summit drop bag.


You may run with your dog, but it should be kept on a leash. The race is held in bear country, and bears have been seen out on the race course (although they should all be scared away by the racers and volunteers on race weekend).

Highly Recommended: Bowling/Billiards Night

Come to the Bowling/Billiards Night on the Wednesday before the race at 7:00 pm at Meridian Lanes! We are doing this race in C2M style. Even though you won’t get bonus points for your participation, you will get an extra day of meet and greet with fellow participants before you head off into the mountains. It’s up to you. We are reserving lanes this year, all at no cost to you!


Pacers are a very important aspect of safety. As ultramarathons progress, the mind can become weak and confused. Pacers provide a high element of safety for runners and keep the race running smoothly. If you choose to use a pacer, please let race staff know. Your pacer must sign a Pacer Waiver.

Packet Pickup & Runner Checkin

Packet pickup will be held noon to 5 PM on Wednesday before the race at The Pulse Running & Fitness in Meridian.

Packet pickup and drop bag drop off will be 10 AM – 5 PM on Friday before race day at the dispersed camping area right next to Boiling Springs Campground. If you have drop bags for locations other than Boiling Springs, bring them at this time.
***Mandatory: ALL runners must check in with the race director prior to your race start Saturday morning. Please arrive early and make sure you have your own race number on you. If you have a pacer, they need to fill out a Pacer Waiver before race start. Please print it and bring it with you.***


The course is located completely on Forest Service property. This means negotiating forest service roads that can be treacherous at times. Be sure to stop by your local Forest Service office to pick up a Motor Vehicle Use Map for the Emmett Ranger District and Cascade Ranger District. This will be the best way for your crew to navigate through the confusing mountain roads. The main crew road will be marked this year to help alleviate any confusion as well.

Due to the nature of the sport, I know many of you would like to have crew meet you at the various points of the race. If you plan to have somebody meet you at Silver Creek Saddle, (mile 4) they must leave within 1 minute of the race starting, while you are running the new start trail. Please be advised that cars driving on the race course is dangerous, as the road is narrow and doesn’t have a lot of room for give. Vehicles driving while runners are present shouldn’t travel more than 10 mph. Other than that, vehicles can drive to the other points of the course, no problem. It is a long drive up to Skunk Creek Summit and East Mountain. If you are a fast runner, a car driving from Skunk Creek Summit back to the finish line will not meet you back in time to watch you finish. Crew driving instructions (in Google Earth files; right click and ‘Save as’):
East Mountain Lookout to Hwy 55
Skunk Creek Summit to Boiling Springs
Skunk Creek Summit to East Mountain Lookout
Skunk Creek Summit to Hwy 55


Your entry fee will get you a finisher’s award (which will be unique from any ultra you’ve done) and some cool stuff with your goody bag. Overall winner awards will likely be donated by some local business.


If we can issue a refund, we will. Race costs will be incurred early.


1. NO LITTERING.  This includes biodegradeables.

2. Be able to hear cars on the dirt road portions. Have ear and eye awareness!

3. No pacers without signing liability form.

4. No dogs until the return to Boiling Springs, the halfway point for all runners.

5. No indecent exposure. Please find a good spot off the trail so you don’t horrify an ultra virgin ;^D

6. NO TRASH. Please have a spot on your person or that convenient little pouch on your NathanTM vest to stash your trash.

7. If you do not complete the distance you were signed up for at the start of the race, your finish will be a DNF or unofficial. You must declare pre-race what distance you intend to finish, as you will not be allowed to drop from one race to the other mid-race and still be a finisher.

8. No heckling the RD or making fun of him. If you do, you’ll run the rest of the race with a 15 lb. weight attached to your ankle (or you’ll be fed to the RD’s pet cougar).

9. No stashing aid on the course!

10. No giving up! At Javelina Jundred in a past year, I DNFed at 45 miles. I laid down for a couple hours afterward, feeling terrible.  One of my buddies showed up and convinced me to go on. 55 miles later. . .


Directions to Boiling Springs Campground from Boise, Idaho