2013 Newsletter #4

Hopefully by now you’ve forgotten how much you hate me and those sick climbs.  In the words of Wayne Rancourt, they are “character-building.”  Thank you all for a wonderful weekend.  It was a true honor to watch so many dedicated performances, and just about brought me to tears, at many points.  All four of the course records were broken.  First honor goes to “The Swede,” Johan Steene.  He ran gracefully through the finish line with a big smile and loads of salt deposits on his clothes in a record-breaking 9:24:22.  Local favorite Lynn VanSchoiack broke the women’s course record by over 2 hours with a time of 11:17:00.  While Johan was out breaking Mark Austin’s record from the previous year, Mark completely crushed Ryan Lund’s record in the 50k by over 37 minutes with an overall time of 5:13:21.  Julie Tinney squeaked in a new 50K women’s record with a time of 7:07:40.  My apologies to Justine O’Neil, whom I didn’t realize was our AG winner for women 20-29.  Her time was 7:55:33.  Great work Justine!  Results can be viewed here.

Our volunteers:  Huge Thanks to my parents, Mike & Judy Blessing for putting in countless hours of work prepping for the race.  Much thanks to Emily Berriochoa for doing our website design and updates, as well as Tom Mattus and the Boise County Amateur Radio Operators Club for their 4th year of complete ham radio support!  Uncle Clint & Aunt Deb at Wetfoot, The Grinders, Jim Buchanan and Matt Gambill at Skunk Creek Summit, David Reimer at East Mountain, and my father-in-law Norm Peck + my lovely wife + Mark Johnson and Mark Hutchinson at Silver Creek Saddle.  Great Work!

Thanks to Scott Sports, The Pulse, USA T&F, Trailrunner Magazine, & UltrAspire for their support as well.  Please frequent these awesome businesses for their loyalty to ultrarunning, and especially, the WIFMER.

Best Bib: Mariah Crump!  It was original and required a lot of work.  She wins a year of Trailrunner magazine!

Curious about next year’s biennial slugfest?  You can check out http://runwildidaho.com/bluemountain50/ for the basic information.  We will have more updates in the next upcoming year.

If you are not completely tired of my races, be sure to check out the IMTUF 100 at the end of this month, Standhope 60K September 21st, and the NNU 100 Mile Run & Relay in November.  Best Wishes!

Ben Blessing
Race Director

2013 Newsletter #3

6 Days!  It crept up quick, didn’t it? Current high/low for race day: 84/48 F. Here is a list of everything going on this week:

Wednesday: Pre-race bowling at Meridian Lanes.  7 PM.  Be there.  Or don’t.

Thursday: The Race Director drives to Boiling Springs to start getting everything set up.

Friday: 10ish-8ish: packet pickup.

  • 6 PM: Pre-race dinner. Free for runners, volunteers.  Everyone else, feel free to make a donation for the food
  • 6:45 PM: Pre-race brief
  • 8:30 PM: online registration closes.


  • 5:00 AM: Reveille
  • 5:30 AM: No more entrants admitted!
  • 5:50 AM: Playing of the National Anthem
  • 6:00 AM: Start your engines!

The Course: Original finish  from the first 2 years via the singletrack you ascend when leaving Boiling Springs midway through the course.  The course pages are updated to reflect this.

Drop Bags: Please, if at all possible, have your drop bag for Silver Creek Saddle ready Friday night.  We really want to try to have them ready to go for our first aid station in the morning.  Your drop bags for Boiling Springs, Skunk Creek Summit, & East Mountain don’t have to be ready until Saturday morning, before you start the race.  Reminder: Your drop bag at East Mountain will not be returned to the start.  Make It Minimal And Recyclable! MIMAR!

Photography: Tempus Photo Design, by ultramarathoner Tony Salazar!  He will be capturing your mugs at the top of Silver Creek Summit and Skunk Creek Summit.  Smile, or else. . .

Race Cups: UltrAspire race cups will be provided to you at check-in.  It folds down to the size of an atom (almost) and can be used for cold liquids at aid stations.  Please try to use this as the sophisticated enviro-runner you want to be.  As Captain Planet would say, “The Power is YOURS!”

Race Bibs: Make it good or I will make a bad one for you.  🙂

Webcast: It isn’t quite completelyupdated yet, but here is the link for you to share with all your friends and family: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApXo8D6Ic9AXdFdSSFlvc0R6enczOEFjb0N0LVQxb2c&usp=drive_web

As always, feel free to ask me any questions.  I look forward to seeing you all at the 4th Annual Wild Idaho Endurance Runs!

Ben Blessing
Race Director

2013 Newsletter #1

Hello Entrants!

If the temperatures this week aren’t proof enough, this year’s Wild Idaho Endurance Runs will for sure be a hot race. I hope you all are training super hard for this event and getting lots of heat training in.  There are a couples changes to the race this year, below are the details:

-Drop Bags: drop bags locations will be at Boiling Springs Dispersed Campground (AKA Start/finish), Silver Creek Saddle, Skunk Creek Summit, and East mountain.

  • East mountain drop bags will not be returned to the start line.  Use something disposable or recyclable.  This is to make the race logistically easier on our volunteer force.  The drive to East Mountain is 3 hours on rough mountain roads.

-FSR 671 Aid Station: Fluids only.  It is a 5.4 mile out and back from Silver Creek Saddle Aid Station.  The Voice of Idaho Ham radio club will be taking times at this spot as well.

-Bib numbers: bib numbers are up!  I tried to assign bib numbers according to the ones requested.  If your number has changed, it is because somebody with more seniority on the course chose it as well.  You can visit the link here:

-Bowling and Billiards Night:  We we host Bowling and Billiards night again the Wednesday before the race at Meridian Lanes.  Please come and try to beat me. 7 PM July 31st

-Sponsors: if you are interested in being a sponsor for the race, and have a product that would be beneficial for all runners, let me know.

-Volunteers: all volunteers are greatly appreciated.  Each hour worked earns you a $1 off registration into any of my races (WIFMER, IMTUF, Standhope, NNU 100).  Free t-shirts and food too 🙂

As always, let me know if you have any questions or comments.  See you all in a month!

Ben Blessing, Race Director

2013 Newsletter #2

15 days until the race!

-We are rerouting the last 5.2 miles of the course to the original finish.  You will veer off to the left on your descent to the finish, doing the last few miles on the singletrack you came up from Boiling Springs.  This came at great deliberation of the race director and previous entrants of the race.

-We have an international entrant flying in for the race.  They should arrive Monday, but the status of the ticket basically means it could get bumped for a day or two.  If you are interested in picking them up at the airport AND driving them to the race, let me know.  Let’s show some hospitality to our international entrants!

-Drop bags: Bring your drop bags for Silver Creek Summit on Friday night.  The drop bags for Skunk Creek Summit and East Mountain don’t have to be delivered until Friday Morning.

-Bib numbers: I hope you come up with a great design!  The best one will win a year’s subscription to Trail Runner Magazine.

-Webcast:  we will continue our live webcast this year.  Watch the website for details, and tell all your friends.  It looks like it will be an exciting race this year!

-Pre-race bowling night: Wednesday night before the race, 7 PM.  Meridian Lanes in Meridian, ID.  Free on the RD’s behalf!

-Let me know if you have any questions.  See you all soon!