Forecast for Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ripple & Co.

Predicting the development of the crypto currency market is quite complicated. Due to the multitude of factors, accurate price predictions are actually impossible. A headline can destroy any forecast or price analysis. This should be taken into account in any prediction. Recently some participants of a discussion round discussed the top crypto currencies in 2018.

Speculating about the Bitcoin trader

According to the discussion group, Bitcoin’s price will grow strongly during 2018. The group assumes a price of $ 29,533, which would be an increase of about 184 percent at the current price. Who is already longer in the market thereby, knows that this is quite possible. Kryptowährungs – Guru Julian Hosp sees the price of Bitcoin in 2018 at about $ 50,000. However, he always emphasizes that we will see the $ 5,000 and the $ 50,000 in 2018 at Bitcoin.

Forecast for Bitcoin revolution

Forecasts have also been made for other currencies. Bitcoin Cash, for example, is assumed to have a price of $ 2,721. Not that what Bitcoin Cash fans are probably satisfied with. This would mean a percentage price increase of around 116 percent.

Forecast for Ethereum (ETH) 2018
Ethereum, according to the discussion group, is facing a rather tricky year. Although they suspect the price to be $2,550, Bitcoin is doing better. Ethereum is expected to be more tied to the Bitcoin price. However, some Altcoins may, according to the panelists, separate from Bitcoin.

Forecast for Dogecoin (Doge) 2018
The biggest winner will probably be Dogecoin. Most people think that Dogecoin is a kind of fun currency that has never been taken seriously. Nevertheless, the price is estimated at no less than 19 cents. That would be a percentage increase of nearly 3,000 percent and that in just nine months. A really daring and rapid forecast.

Forecast for Ripple (XRP) 2018
Ripple is likely to experience a rapid price surge. With a forecast of $6.13 an ounce by the end of 2018, this would mean an increase of over 540 percent.