EOS Coin – Who is behind the crypto currency?

Behind the coin development is the Startup Block.one, located on the Cayman Islands. The founder of the startup is Dan Larimer, the rest of the team is international. The team is as decentralized as the software will be. Dan Larimer already developed the crypto currencies Steemit and Bitshares. Bitshares attracted attention because the software had a high horizontal scalability and enabled up to 100,000 transactions per second. Meanwhile, he is often criticized for not having completed these projects before turning to new ones. EOS.IO is currently only at a conceptual stage, although the crypto currency can already be traded.

Bitcoin code – advantages and disadvantages

The Delegated Proof-of-Stake has the advantage for Bitcoin code companies that they themselves can delegate EOS tokens to developers and other Bitcoin code companies. This gives companies control over their shares and the development of their projects. In addition, the transactions on the blockchain are completely free of charge, which makes their use particularly attractive.

One measure to make EOS.IO more secure is the ‚Supermajority Consensus‘. This should make it possible to undo hacker attacks and other serious mistakes. The Supermajority Consensus restores previous databases if they are too badly damaged. Ethereum does not have such technology.

However, much of what EOS.IO promises is still on a white paper. The crypto currency and its underlying blockchain are still being worked on. So far all promises, but you can still buy the tokens. And this even though Dan Larimer hasn’t finished his last two projects yet.

EOS Coin Share Price – Development – Forecast according to onlinebetrug

When the crypto currency was available in July, it was quoted on the stock exchanges at around 1 to 2 euros. Overall, the price was very volatile and could be subject to strong fluctuations even on one day. Nevertheless, this was a good start for the coin, investors seemed to see a lot of potential in the crypto currency, said onlinebetrug. Thereafter, the price was quoted at an average of 1.50 euros per coin. At the beginning of August, the price fell first to 1 euro and then even to 50 cents. That lasted until September and some traders already thought that an EOS bubble had already burst according to onlinebetrug. In the meantime, the price rose again to 70 cents, but the stock market was still quite dissatisfied with the crypto currency.

This continued in October, where the price remained at 50 cents. November, however, brought a turnaround for the coin when the price rose significantly to EUR 1 at the beginning of the month. This trend continued, the EOS reached EUR 1.50 in the meantime and then the previously disappointed traders rubbed their eyes in surprise when the digital currency took the EUR 2 hurdle and even reached EUR 2.50 per coin. At the start of the month of December, the situation continued and the currency was quoted at EUR 3 per coin.

Nevertheless, it is difficult to make a forecast for 2018. The price of the crypto currency has risen significantly in recent months. However, there is no guarantee that this will remain so. The currency has already experienced a slump. So it could be that for the beginning of the year a small setback sets in, since with some buyers the desire for a return could begin or one would rather sell Tokens. It could be that EOS follows the developments of other crypto currencies, so if Bitcoin continues to rise, this will also have a positive effect on EOS Coin. Much will depend in the future on how many promises Dan Larimer can keep and how good the actual operating system will be.