50 Mile

50 Mile (~16,000 ft. elevation gain)

The 50 mile race will start at Boiling Springs Campground about 20 miles north of Crouch, Idaho. You will run up a FS road to the Silver Creek Lookout tower passing the aid station at the Silver Creek Lookout Saddle on the way, then back down and left to the water stop at FSR 671, then back up to the Silver Creek Lookout tower, and back down to Boiling Springs the same way. From Boiling Springs, you will then head west to Skunk Creek Summit on singletrack and then north to the East Mountain Lookout on a rugged ATV trail. You will run back to Skunk Creek Summit AS and then down to Boiling Springs, finishing down the same singletrack you went up.


  • Mile 23.4: 1:00 pm at Boiling Springs Campground
  • Mile 38: 7:00 pm at East Mountain Lookout
  • Mile 45: 8:45 pm at Skunk Creek Summit. You must have a headlamp if you leave Skunk Creek Summit inbound after 7:00 pm
  • Finish Line Cutoff: 19 Hours (1:00 AM)

Wild Idaho 50 Mile Map

50 Mile Elevation Profile


50 Mile Aid Station Chart