2013 Newsletter #2

15 days until the race!

-We are rerouting the last 5.2 miles of the course to the original finish.  You will veer off to the left on your descent to the finish, doing the last few miles on the singletrack you came up from Boiling Springs.  This came at great deliberation of the race director and previous entrants of the race.

-We have an international entrant flying in for the race.  They should arrive Monday, but the status of the ticket basically means it could get bumped for a day or two.  If you are interested in picking them up at the airport AND driving them to the race, let me know.  Let’s show some hospitality to our international entrants!

-Drop bags: Bring your drop bags for Silver Creek Summit on Friday night.  The drop bags for Skunk Creek Summit and East Mountain don’t have to be delivered until Friday Morning.

-Bib numbers: I hope you come up with a great design!  The best one will win a year’s subscription to Trail Runner Magazine.

-Webcast:  we will continue our live webcast this year.  Watch the website for details, and tell all your friends.  It looks like it will be an exciting race this year!

-Pre-race bowling night: Wednesday night before the race, 7 PM.  Meridian Lanes in Meridian, ID.  Free on the RD’s behalf!

-Let me know if you have any questions.  See you all soon!