For each trader the choice of the online platform

For each trader the choice of the online platform in which to invest is a very important step.

You must be careful regarding the broker you choose is better, because it certainly will affect the financial investment.

So, you have to know very well the broker , in fact. Today, we will talk about IQ Option.

Iqoption allows you to invest in binary options with only 10 €!

Partner official Aston Martin Racing , the IQ Option platform Read our review before investing is innovative, high-technology and offers its customers an online platform, intuitive and innovative.

That said, let’s see, in detail, the characteristics, the services of IQ binary option trading platform.

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We will try to analyze it from different points of this binary trading platform, one of the most known in the world, but also in Italy.
Option IQ was founded in 2013 in Cyprus, but has grown most in 2016, managing to achieve great results in terms of number of subscribers and, consequently, the volume of business.

Why choose iqoption


In fact, it started go through the following facts etoro with 950,000 active subscribers in 2014, and 3.45 million in 2015, until you get to a real boom in registrations, with as many as 14,011,685 trader in 2016 .

How does the platform iqoption


It’s not over, of IQ Option are made over 3 million daily transactions, totaling tens of billions of dollars.

The main features of IQ Option

  • Regolamento: CySEC – IQ option Europe Ltd .;
  • Minimum deposit: $ 10;
  • Minimum Exercise Price: $ 1;
  • Maximum option price: $ 5000;
  • Return: 92% * in the case of correct prediction;
  • Metodi di deposito / recesso: Carta di Credito, Bonifico Bancario, MoneyBookers, Neteller, Boleto, Qiwi, WebMoney, CashU, iDeal, Fasapay;
  • Assets: currency pairs, stocks, indices, commodities;
  • Number of assets: 500+;
  • Countries: We accept all countries except the US, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Sudan and Iran. Users of the following countries may not trade from the mobile iOS: Malta; Android Application unavailable for Malta, Myanmar, Liechtenstein, Cuba;
  • Demo Account: Yes, free of charge;
  • Mobile apps: Android, iOS;
  • Piattaforma di trading: browser web, applicazione stand alone ;
  • Support: 24/7;
  • Support Languages: English, Russian, turkish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Swedish, Korean, French, Italian, Arabic, Indonesian;
  • Founded: 2013;
  • Withdrawal: 1 business day;

* “Amount to be credited to income in the event of successful business”

The broker IQ Option has developed a platform online of trading last generation.

Likely only capital you are willing to lose. This message does not constitute investment advice.

You can invest in online trading is on all PCs with both Windows and Mac operating systems, but also directly from the mobile or from your smartphone or tablet . You just download an app created ad hoc , available for Android , for iOS .

Finally, the trader can choose different types of binary options , from traditional You can find their review on this page ones Ethereum Code such as “High and Low”, with different expiry times, between 5 minutes and several hours.

Not only that, even the so-called binary options “Turbo,” you think, however, for those who have limited time available, with much shorter maturities, ranging from 1 to 3 minutes.

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I servizi offerti del broker IQ option

IQ Option provides numerous services to its traders , the possibility of opening a demo account a wide educational offer. But not only that, also the security and reliability of a broker regulated by the relevant supervisory and control as CySEC .

The most interesting aspect of IQ Option is definitely that you can invest a minimum deposit a very low capital, or 10 euro, but also 1 euro for a single operation of trade .

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I conti di Iq option

IQ Option offers its customers three different types of accounts, which is the demo version, then the real account standards and the ‘exclusive VIP account. For the latter two, the withdrawal times are really fast.

Conto demo di IQ option

The demo account is a free service very useful for traders . Thanks to this important tool you Read real reviews from users can test the different features of the platform, as well as a valuable aid to try to understand how it invests in binary trading , without spending anything.

Conto standard di IQ option

The real account standard IQ Option , as already mentioned previously, makes it possible to make a minimum of only 10 € deposit.

Additionally you can also participate in numerous tournaments organized by the broker .

Conto VIP di IQ option

The VIP Account is the version of “gold” , with exclusive services.
But also, a quick sampling system within 1 business day and, last but not least , a personal assistant and a chance to get a monthly report with the analysis of their data trading .

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The formation of IQ Option

One of the major distinguishing features of the platform IQ Option is the provision of training. It is a varied and complete formation, carried out with different types of educational material.

iqoption training

In addition to the common tips and FAQs in writing, you can take advantage of the latest generation of tools such as webinars and 20 video lessons to learn how to invest in online trading with binary options .
The IQ Option broker also offers its users the chance to get informed and updated constantly through his blog , with many news on major trends in the world of finance and specifically of binary options .

I vantaggi di IQ option

The broker IQ Option offers its members well 500+ asset different. One can get a yield of up to 91% * of the invested capital.

* “Amount to be credited to income in the event of successful business”

This platform has always focused on the customer, it provides assistance to professional clients and open 24h on 24, 7 days out of 7.

As for the sampling system is simplified, no commission and by crediting on the most common and safe online payment services like PayPal, MoneyBookers, Neteller, WebMoney , or your credit card VISA or Mastercard.

Option IQ is a broker regulated CySEC .

iqoption mobile

It is one of the most popular platforms in the world by traders professionals, with 3 million transactions every day.
IQ Option provides comprehensive training, realized in order to learn the concepts and the dynamics of this market.

Usable In addition, from each device, both from pc that from the mobile .

For all these reasons and more, our staff recommends using the IQ Option broker for your investments online trading .

How does Bitcoin code work?

An attempt to explain the underlying concept for beginners to understand.


Unlike a traditional banking system or other online currencies such as eg. Paypal there is no central server, which plays a special role. At the technical level, all participants in the Bitcoin code network are organized in a peer-to-peer architecture and full equality.

Also known services such as or (there you can see transactions) play network for the actual Bitcoin code and its functioning is not important. These are nothing but services that have settled around to Bitcoin code. This is often confused. But even if all these would disappear related to Bitcoin code services and websites tomorrow from the Internet (or to be censored would), Bitcoin code would work as before.

In all previous banking and accounting systems, there is a central authority, a database that is stored in that account which has just balance. Now, when users will transfer A money from his bank account to the account of the user B, is reduced in this central dfatabase, the amount the account balance of A and B increased in.

But what is decentralized? If each user would store his account itself, which prevents him to manipulate their own bank balance? This leads us to the next point:

Transactions take account balances

There is no account balances.

Of course, I can use the wallet of my choice or websites like open and see there once the current “balance” my Bitcoin code address. But not this number, but instead only all transactions between all Bitcoin code addresses that have ever taken place is actually stored in the Bitcoin code network (the so-called “block chain”). Namely public. Since the beginning of Bitcoin code (on 03.01.2009).

Thus, everyone can understand the world, when the amount of money moved by what address to what address. Now if you go through all the transactions from the beginning to this day, you know at the end must be exactly the amount that landed at what address. That’s it. It is determined which address at this moment is what balance. This is what makes each Bitcoin code client. And after all make the world, an individual can not cheat and simply omit some transaction on his own account, or to cheat. Everyone else would see that he cheats. Therefore, the security.

TODO : Possibly Install here is a graph with various account balances of different addresses for multiple transactions.

By comparison, from a purely technical, it would be no problem at a traditional bank to exchange a number to the central booking server and easy to halve the balance in your account. However, trust us that the banks do not. Here is the difference in Bitcoin code you do not trust. You have the security through control.

How to get a Bitcoin code “account number”?

Ok, how do you come because of a Bitcoin code “account”. If there is no central bank or website where I can open me an account, how does that work then?

The answer is quite simple and sounds so simple that it’s the listen for some the first time, sounds too simple in the beginning just to believe:

You just comes up with one.

Ok, so simple is not, but basically it boils down to. To explain but you have to examine this, what because Bitcoin code addresses are actually exactly:

Bitcoin code addresses:

Behind Bitcoin code addresses so as you know, is in reality a pair consisting of two keys:

  • a secret key (the private key ) to only the owner (or its Wallet software) knows. This is required if you want wegüberweisen out Bitcoin codes from an address starting elsewhere. Which one should never tell someone else (such as the watchword of the old passbook).
  • and mathematically to belong to this private key, a public key (the so-called. public key ). So the rest of the world can understand mathematically certain that the author of a transaction in possession of the corresponding private key and thus is entitled.

Two of these keys (secret and public key) belong together always inseparable. So a couple has this ingenious feature is that it can be proved mathematically using the public key that you have the corresponding private key, without having to ever original and the secret key (as opposed to: the watchword of the passbook earlier, you had the / the bank employees say then knew it – that’s just not in Bitcoin code above).

And what is the Bitcoin code address? A Bitcoin code address (for example: 19bLDxjsV63oF14P38LhDZmfKUApNeqFi6 ) is now a specific derivation from the public key. So in principle: one takes the public key forth, converts the a little bit, it is characterized slightly shorter, and Read real reviews from users as a result we obtain the Bitcoin code address (simplified terms).

To summarize, there are also:

  • private key ( which only I know myself )
  • to belong: a public key ( with this I can prove to the world that I possess the secret key )
  • and, in turn belonging to: a public Bitcoin code address ( a shortened / simplified representation of the public key )

If one knows the private key, can it (mathematically) calculate the public key and from the public key, in turn, can calculate the Bitcoin code address.

Private Key Public Key >>> >>> Bitcoin code address

However, only in this direction . The other way you can not. You can not calculate the public key of a Bitcoin code address. And a public key can not the private key can be calculated. This is essential for the security of the entire system.

What is a Private Key?

What exactly, then, this private key from which, ultimately, results in the Bitcoin code address?

It’s simple: a random number from 1 to 115792089237316195423570985008687907853269984665640564039457584007908834671663
(this is the result of 2 256 – 2 32 – 977 and is a prime number)

Just in case you wonder: usually the private key is in Bitcoin code shown in another, slightly shorter notation, this then usually begins with the number “5” or the letter “K” or “L”. For example: 5KJvsngHeMpm884wtkJNzQGaCErckhHJBGFsvd3VyK5qMZXj3hS)

The human imagination is doing something difficult english page of the german site with very large numbers. But these numbers are so large that even if since the beginning of the universe one would try try out all the numbers, every second about 269000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 numbers (this number is 60 digits long) would have to try to collect all the be today once by , (Again, as many numbers you would have to try out EVERY second since the big bang It is therefore really! Very very very very unlikely – in practical terms, virtually impossible – that two people, if they really randomly select a number from this area, the same secret key choose.)

What does that mean in everyday life?

Do not worry, it all sounds terribly complicated, but as a user of Bitcoin code has just not much to do, even with these details. Once done, the wallet software for one. In the Wallet your Bitcoin code addresses and the corresponding private keys are stored.

So if you already own Bitcoin code and wants to transfer to someone else, you need the recipient only Bitcoin code address (for example: 19bLDxjsV63oF14P38LhDZmfKUApNeqFi6 ). So you do not have to enter this long sausage of numbers and letters manually, mostly QR codes in use today, you can simply scanning with the camera of a smartphone. For example:


Currently being implemented and has other assistive technologies (keyword: Payment Protocol ) which will facilitate a handling this complicated addresses even further.

In addition Bitcoin code addresses include a checksum. This can immediately recognize the wallet software, if you have mistyped one or more characters.

Finally, you click in your own wallet only to ” Send ” and the receiver ( strictly speaking, the entire world ) is within a few seconds that this transaction in the Bitcoin code network is underway. (Order as pizza) for smaller amounts everyday shopping ranges that usually already made to trust that payment has been made.

That’s it! :-)

Additional information:

Ok, granted, of course, that’s not quite everything.

In order for a transaction is also anchored truly irreversible worldwide in the block chain (in particular to ensure that no two conflicting transactions sends to the network, the 2x the same money sent to different destinations – so Bitcoin codes spends twice -. So-called “double spending” ) are it in the block chain other mechanisms that ensure this security, without having to rely on central control instances.

The basic question like new scooped Bitcoin code be circulated is regulated there. Learn more in the following article: Mining & Co: How does the block chain?